The one about... Getting the most out of mediation

The government have recently announced a voucher scheme for couples who want to use mediation to resolve their family disputes. Tamsin speaks to mediator Maura McKibbon about how to make the most of your mediation sessions.

Maura is a specialist family mediator who dedicates her practice to keeping families out of court and who routinely integrates emotional and financial support into her mediation work. Maura seeks to ensure that separated couples have enough support to problem-solve so that they can find solutions together.

Maura’s legal training means that she has an appreciation of the legal issues that are relevant for separating couples to bear in mind as they carefully contemplate their financial separation alongside their legal advice. Maura helps to provide the structure and support for their conversations to take place.

A principal motivation in Maura’s work is to ensure that children have the best chance of good outcomes. She supports their parents to make parenting plans for family life beyond separation. Maura is trained to meet with children who wish to have a voice and she also runs local Parenting Apart Information Meetings which provide neutral, early information and guidance to help parents to parent together beyond their separation. Maura is a member of the Resolution Parenting after Parting Committee. In addition she writes and delivers training for other professionals who support families facing separation.

You can contact Tamsin at or on 07975 922766.

You can get in touch with Maura:

Mediator Ltd
My Buro
20 Market Street,
WA14 1PF
07515 809552

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