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Making financial decisions during divorce can add to your emotional strain, but we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Our clients

You are considering or have made the decision to divorce or separate; the rest will be uncertain.

We know that making the necessary financial decisions during divorce can add significantly to the emotional strain you are already experiencing.

Sound familiar?

Confusion and anxiety, plus the added stress of securing a stable financial future for you and your children, will leave you asking questions such as:

How do we come to a financial settlement on divorce?

How do we ensure that both parties are okay and can cope financially on divorce?

Where will we live after we divorce and how will we pay for it?

What do we need to do with our family home and mortgage when we divorce?

Do I need to buy a new home when we divorce? Can I afford it?

Will our children be able to live the same way they did before we divorced?

How do we split our assets when we divorce?

What do we do with our pensions on divorce?

What’s the financial impact of our divorce over the short, medium and long term?

What’s the future going to look like once we are divorced?

Who we work with

We work with men and women, who are going through divorce, civil partnership dissolution or separation. We work with clients in person from our Manchester office, or across England and Wales virtually to help them secure their future in the face of divorce.

We work best with people who:

  • Do not want a confrontational approach
  • Have the best interests of their children at heart
  • Are considering or have already made the decision to separate
  • Would like to work in partnership with their financial professional

You are most likely:

  • Aged 45-60
  • A professional, senior executive, business owner, or are divorcing someone who is
  • Looking to divide property, pensions, savings, investments and perhaps a business
  • At the point of exchanging financial information or later

We want the best possible outcome for your family and finances. If you feel that what we’ve said describes you, we can help you design your future life: one that is stable, successful and secure.

Don't just take our word for it

Here's what our clients say

I have had the pleasure of working with Tamsin during my divorce and for pensions advice. In both areas Tamsin applied her vast experience and up-to-date knowledge to the counsel she offered, whilst applying her engaging and kind approach to challenging conversations. Tamsin prioritised my needs and made sure that I had the best possible outcome – I wouldn’t want anyone else in my corner. Please look no further if you need help with either a divorce or pensions advice, Tamsin comes very highly recommended and will forever have my gratitude.

Danielle Peel Adams

I just wanted to say thanks again for all of your help last year, your swift and efficient response significantly reduced my stress levels at the time and your report was really useful in helping us to come to an agreement about the financial settlement. 😊

Paulette Forbes

During my divorce my solicitor advised me that I needed to get independent financial advice and Tamsin was recommended to me by a friend. I am so glad that I went with Tamsin as her no nonsense, common sense, logical approach meant that I was able to come to a financial settlement without going to court. Tamsin explained everything to me in a way that I could understand, and she fully appreciates the fact that getting divorced is on occasions overwhelming, especially when things are more complicated than you had ever imagined they would be.

The report that Tamsin produced for me was based on the facts and what she suggested I offer to try and reach a settlement was both fair and reasonable. If Tamsin had not got involved, I would have ended up having to go to court, spending a fortune and causing myself and my children continued uncertainty and hardship.

I would whole heartedly recommend Tamsin and Smart Divorce – honest, professional, knowledgeable, and perhaps most importantly for me empathetic.

Sarah Laird

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