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In this episode, Tamsin speaks to Laughter Yoga practitioner and author of the Joyful Laughter Journal, Sara Kay. They discuss how laughter can help people to get through divorce and recover afterwards.

Sara Kay, 54, from Manchester, UK, delivers Laughter Yoga sessions, training, and is also a Happiness Facilitator, running workshops for businesses and communities across the UK..

After having depression for many years, then a divorce with teenage children in tow, and coming out as LGBT, eventually in 2016 Sara found out about laughing intentionally and this was a life-changing moment to de-stress and create positivity from within.  In 2019 she was awarded the title Laughter Ambassador in recognition of her Laughter work.

Sara's passion for spreading the health benefits of Laughter Yoga shines through in her sessions, and she has significantly increased the promotion of this wonderful wellbeing exercise during the pandemic with the help and recognition of the College of Medicine.

What is Wellbeing Laughter? A unique exercise routine, intentional Laughter created through value and playful exercises interspersed with clapping and deep Yogic breathing.

How can I laugh if I don’t feel like it? With specially designed warm-up exercises, hearty laughter is initiated.  There is no need to be happy to do the exercises.

Why you should come to this activity: Wellbeing Laughter is a simultaneous mind and body workout.  The benefits include increased brain function (creativity, motivation, and production), better resilience to cope with life's challenges, great social connection, improved energy levels through a large healthy dose of feel-good endorphins, boosted immunity, decreased stress levels and pain relief, amongst many more benefits.

The first time is the hardest to do any new activity.  Simply a small amount of willingness is all that's needed – you’ll feel happier and lighter after only a few minutes.

There really is no better exercise to help through these challenging times to find happiness once more.

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