How Smart Divorce can help

How did they find us?

We recently met a new client through their family lawyer. It is not unusual for people to come to us this way. They know how Smart Divorce can help divorcing couples and individuals whilst they're going through their divorce. Moving forward, they also see how we help them to rebuild lives. The lawyer introduced us by email and I contacted her by email.

What happened?

It was a couple of weeks before I heard back. Often we find people who have not used a financial planner before are nervous about speaking to us or meeting us. When we meet, there are no shiny suits or words you won't understand. The most important thing for us is to understand you. We arranged to meet this lady at our office (which is an old pub, with the bar still intact!). She was nervous, feeling that she didn't know anything. She does a job I could never even think about knowing anything about. My job allows me to help her to understand things that she doesn't yet.

What were her issues?

She had gone through a pretty tricky divorce. The financial settlement was done. She needed help with the pension sharing order. She also wasn't sure if she needed to return to working full time. Finally, she wanted to be able to take her sons on holiday, while they still want to!

What did we do to help?

We collected a lot of information, including fact as well as hopes and dreams. We were able to show her how the money she has after the financial settlement and the income she earns might help her to life her desired life. In terms of work, we were able to show her that she didn't need to increase her working hours unless she wanted to. The pension sharing order needed implementing quickly. We were able to produce the necessary paperwork and achieve the deadlines that were given to us. Most importantly, we have been able to offer her clarity about her future and peace of mind that someone on her side is looking after the pension for her.

If you have a pension sharing order that you need help with implementing or you have any other financial issue during separation or divorce, please contact Tamsin on 07975 922766 or 0844 824 6990 or email her

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