Financial Protection 101

In this episode, Tamsin speaks to her colleague and fellow Financial Planner, Charlene Love about financial protection. This conversation will help you to understand what the options are and how they will help you when the worst thing happens.


Charlene Love

With over 12 years of experience in the financial services profession, Charlene brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team of financial planners at Smart Financial. She began her journey as a financial advisor and quickly established a reputation for offering exceptional financial guidance.


Charlene’s dedication to continuous improvement is evident through her impressive educational accomplishments. She holds a Level 7 Diploma in Wealth Management and is currently actively working towards her dream of becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), further cementing her position as a trusted lifestyle financial planner. Beyond her career, Charlene is a devoted mother of four wonderful children. She understands the significance of financial planning not just professionally, but also as a family-oriented individual who values a secure financial future. Charlene finds serenity in long walks, achieves balance and tranquility through yoga, and fulfils her passion for travel by exploring new destinations.

Tamsin Caine

Tamsin is a Chartered Financial Planner with over 20 years experience. She works with couples and individuals who are at the end of a relationship and want agree how to divide their assets FAIRLY without a fight.

You can contact Tamsin at or arrange a free initial meeting using She is also part of the team running Facebook group Separation, Divorce and Dissolution UK

Tamsin Caine MSc., FPFS

Chartered Financial Planner

Smart Divorce Ltd

Smart Divorce

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