Communicate better as co-parents

In this episode, Tamsin speaks to James Evans from OurFamilyWizard. This is a brilliant app to help co-parents to communicate better. It’s a fascinating idea, which I’m sure will help many parents.

James is a Professional Liaison and the UK representative for OurFamilyWizard. His role includes educating Judges, Barristers, Solicitors, Mediators and many other family law professionals on the online tools that can be utilised to benefit and monitor parental communication in high conflict cases. James travels the country attending family law conferences, courts, workshops and seminars each year. James spent 4 years as a teacher before working with OurFamilyWizard.

Recent speaking engagements include the Family Law Bar Association, Resolution National and Regional events, Bournemouth Family Courts, Central Family Courts in London, Support Through Court and NACCC charity events and individual chambers and firms throughout the country.

James graduated from the University of Sussex receiving a BA in Theatre and Film Studies.

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