Marion Roe-Bennett

I was going through a fairly complicated divorce. Financially, it could have been a nightmare situation with a shortfall in funds for purchasing a house. Smart Divorce were recommended by a friend who was in a similar position to me. Tamsin immediately put me at ease and we trawled through all the complex issues in a way which I understood. It was entirely a personal service – I felt as though I could contact the team any time. The whole experience was so positive and uncomplicated, and I would highly recommend Smart Divorce to anyone who needs professional, but personal advice.

Tamsin offers general sound advice which is suitable to my senior age group, requirements and possible future wishes. Also, she helps by allaying fears at time of general financial uncertainty. I rely on Tamsin’s professional capabilities entirely.

May McCallum

Tamsin has helped me in many ways! She has advised me on a wide range of issues. I have unquestionably seen the outcome that I had hoped for.

Kevin Wharton

Tamsin has a very ‘down-to-earth attitude’ and explains things in terms that are easy to understand. Whilst maintaining great professional standards, she is always warm, patient and she clearly loves her job. Nothing is too much trouble for her.

Sharon Adams

Tamsin was extremely diligent in listening to the problems and reviewing matters carefully. Her help, support and advice has meant that, despite distance, I prefer to stay with her. In any event, we discuss matters either by phone, email or FaceTime, but I travel the 2.5 hrs for the review meeting as it is important to me to be face to face for a full discussion.

Mark Hodgson

Tamsin facilitated an understanding of my life goals and structured a plan to move towards them financially.

James Cox

I am very satisfied with the service I have received from Tamsin, I feel very confident in her ability and knowledge and she is extremely personable and approachable. Although I have been with her firm for many years, ours is a relatively new relationship but I am very happy with everything so far and looking forward to working more with her.

Barbara Harrison

Triggered by an inheritance, my wife and I decided we needed to understand financial planning in much more detail. Tamsin’s approach and holistic view of financial planning was just what we had been looking for. Tamsin took us through the process of gathering our complete financial situation. Using a comprehensive financial planning tool, we were able to see our family balance sheet and the sources of income and expenditure through the next few decades. This now forms the basis of regular reviews, with the opportunity to check different scenarios, such as bringing retirement forward or changes in employment and income options.

Geoff Barker