Divorce in Scotland – How it works! Judith Higson

Judith Higson for Smart Divorce

In this episode, Tamsin speaks to Scottish based family lawyer, Judith Higson about divorcing in Scotland. The law is substantially different in Scotland to England and Wales, so if you are based in Scotland, this one is for you!

Judith joined the team in 2018 as an Associate Director and Head of Family Law. She became an Executive Director in 2020. She has been practising Family Law since 2003. She is an Accredited Family Law Specialist, an Accredited Child Law Specialist, an Accredited Family Law Mediator, a Collaborative Lawyer and a member of the Family Law Association. Judith has over eighteen years’ experience in guiding her clients through separations, divorce and child law cases, often with an international element. Judith has been involved in reported and unreported cases dealing with novel aspects of the law. Judith’s approach is pragmatic and her focus is on achieving a fair outcome for her clients and one which is in the best interests of the children. She works proactively to deal with all aspects of family law to minimise disruption to the family as a whole. Read Judith’s profiles on CALM and consensus here and here: Read Judith’s article in the Journal of the Law Society here: In her spare time Judith enjoys spending time with her family. Qualification: LLB and German Law (Joint Honours), Dip. L.P., N.P. You can read more about Judith and her experience at Scullion LAW so far, by clicking here

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