Yes, we are.

We believe that being able to offer independent financial advice allows us to serve our clients better, than if we were tied to only recommending the products of a single or restricted number of companies.

That said, first and foremost we are financial planners. That means we’ll understand your current issues and challenges, as well as your hopes for the future, and then build a financial plan. That plan may require the use of certain financial products such as pensions, Individual Savings Accounts, insurance and so on, which is where our independent status really comes in to its own.

We offer a free 15 minute meeting by Zoom. During this call we can establish how we can help and whether we are the right people to do so. If we are not, we can introduce you to one of our team of professionals who can. If we are the right people, we can arrange the next steps with you.

We’ll listen to your problems and concerns, as well as your hopes for the future, while explaining how we work and how we might be able to help.

At present, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, all our meetings are taking place by video call, usually by Zoom but we can also access Teams. However, please contact us if this is an issue and we will see how we might resolve that.

In common with all financial advisers and planners we charge fees for the advice we give.

We’ll fully explain those fees during our first call.

However, please be assured that our fees are always fair, proportionate and we believe, offer excellent value for money.

We are completely flexible and happy to work with you as an individual, or with both you and your partner.

We always find that the best results are achieved in the spirit of collaboration, and not confrontation. Therefore, when the separation or divorce is amicable it is often possible for us to advise both parties.

However, if that isn’t the case, or you would simply prefer to receive advice without the involvement of your partner, we are very happy to advise you alone.

Very simply because we do two different things.

A lawyer will take care of the legal aspects of your divorce, whereas a financial adviser or planner will consider the financial implications.

We work in partnership with lawyers and solicitors to ensure our mutual clients get the best outcome possible from their separation or divorce. Hopefully allowing them to rebuild their lives more quickly than otherwise might have been the case.

We regularly work with people in your position. We guide you through the process, ensuring that you feel confident in your knowledge of your financial position and needs both now and in the future. We will also provide financial education where needed.

Our aim is to help rebuild your financial future following your divorce. That means considering the short, medium and long-term implications.

Whatever your level of financial knowledge, from novice to expert, you can rely on us to act as your sympathetic guide during this period of your life and beyond. Our clients tell us they feel empowered after our advice, with a new-found confidence that their financial future is on the right track.

Absolutely not.

We will work with men, women and couples going through divorce, dissolution or separation.

Yes; Smart Divorce is a trading style of Smart Financial Planning Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

You can review Smart Financial Planning’s entry on the FCA Register by clicking here.

Tamsin Caine, is also authorised by the FCA. Her entry on the register can be found by clicking here.