Tips for Handling the Festive Season 2

Kids with ex this Christmas? - Tips from Tamsin Caine for Smart Divorce blog

On your own for Christmas Day

Whilst you know in your heart that it’s just one day, the thought of not being with the kids on Christmas Day can make you dread the festive period. You have done the right thing by sharing time with the children with your ex but that doesn’t make it any easier. We have some tips for handling the festive season. So how do you get through the day?

Tips for handling the festive season

  • Plan your “Christmas Day” for Christmas Eve or Boxing Day. Design a special menu with the children, play games and watch films. The 25th of December then becomes just another day.
  • Make plans to see family or friends. Staying at home on your own all day will just make the time pass more slowly.
  • Go for a walk or bike ride. It is a well known fact that fresh air and exercise have a positive effect on our mental health.
  • If a friend invites you round, accept. It’s all too easy to assume that they don’t actually want you there but put yourself in their shoes and recognise that you would do the same for them.
  • Another option is to volunteer for a charity. Investigate local soup kitchens feeding the homeless, the Salvation Army or Samaritans.
  • Churches of course have a number of services on Christmas Day. Whether you attend regularly, haven’t been for a while or have never been, visitors are usually welcomed with open arms.
  • Most importantly of all, keep busy.

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