Divorce Holidays

I was flicking through twitter yesterday and found a link to the following article https://www.traveldailymedia.com/brits-are-now-taking-divorce-holidays/. Apparently, Virgin are launching divorce holidays from the UK to Las Vegas. They are intended to be taken by the divorcee and 3 of their closest friends of family.

How could a divorce holiday help?

Divorce is one of the most stressful life events. It can be a rollercoaster of thinking that everything is getting sorted and then being knocked again. When you come to the end, as I have said before, you may not feel like partying, but you may still feel a sense of what next.

Imagine someone creating a holiday to help to give you time and space to clear your mind. You need to move forward with your new life. Spa treatments, pampering, makeovers and photoshoots in Las Vegas will not suit everyone. They will also not be everyone’s idea of a get-away. However, a break, relaxation and the company of friends can surely help. If you would like some help in finding a holiday that will suit you, I’m sure that our blogger Vicky can help.

Lower cost options

Not everyone can afford a divorce holiday. Many divorcees are struggling financially in the immediate aftermath. However, giving yourself a break and some me time can be done on a budget. You could arrange a camping trip in the UK with friends, taking food and drink with you and enjoying being out in the British countryside. A night away in a bed and breakfast can be done cheaply and might just give you a little bit of space.

Another option for giving yourself headspace is walking or running. Getting out of the house, where you can’t do house work, cook and tidy. Have a break from social media, email and the internet. Looking after yourself is vitally important. You have the opportunity to create your own new life but to move forward into making the best decisions for you, you need to be ready to do it.

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Tamsin Caine is a Chartered Financial Planner at Smart Divorce. She specialises in working with separating or divorcing clients to help them to understand how to divide their finances to move forward with their lives. If you would like to speak to Tamsin or find out more about how she can help, email her at Tamsin@smartdivorce.co.ukany time or telephone 07975 922766 during office hours.



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