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Self care
Time for yourself

Making time for yourself is difficult at any time but when you’re going through traumatic times in your life, it is even harder. However, self care is vital to deal…

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The Loneliness of Divorce

There are various times since I separated that I have experienced the loneliness of divorce. It hasn’t always happened when I’ve been on my own. I have sometimes had a…

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Post by Tamsin Caine for Smart Divorce
Married or Maiden Name

(One for the girls) Traditionally when a woman gets married to a man, they change their surname to his. When a woman marries another woman, they often use one of…

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Divorce Holiday
Divorce Holidays

I was flicking through twitter yesterday and found a link to the following article Apparently, Virgin are launching divorce holidays from the UK to Las Vegas. They are intended…

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Getting back on your feet after divorce

After the distress and upheaval of a divorce, getting back on your feet can seem rather daunting. Counsellor Susan Leigh shares her tips for improving your personal and emotional well-being after separating from your partner.

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