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Tamsin Caine

Our Head of Financial Planning and Chartered Financial Planner Tamsin Caine has a strong background of over 15 years within the financial services profession. She began Smart Divorce following her own experience with divorce; she now advises people in the same situation as she once was, enabling them to take back control of their life and finances.


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Being a single parent
Being a single parent

I have been a single mum for about 4 years now. My children are 16 and nearly 15. I regularly have conversations with my married friends about whether being a…

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Self care
Time for yourself

Making time for yourself is difficult at any time but when you’re going through traumatic times in your life, it is even harder. However, self care is vital to deal…

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Susan Leigh
Help! We’ve just separated!

Counsellor hypnotherapist Susan Leigh joins Tamsin Caine, a Chartered Financial Planner specialising in divorce, to discuss what happens when couples first separate. They consider the differences in individual’s emotional journey…

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The Loneliness of Divorce

There are various times since I separated that I have experienced the loneliness of divorce. It hasn’t always happened when I’ve been on my own. I have sometimes had a…

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Post by Tamsin Caine for Smart Divorce
Married or Maiden Name

(One for the girls) Traditionally when a woman gets married to a man, they change their surname to his. When a woman marries another woman, they often use one of…

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Pension Sharing Order
Pension Sharing Order

What is a Pension Sharing Order? You may have agreed to have a share of your ex’s pension or the court may have decided this. Either way, the court will…

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Divorce Holiday
Divorce Holidays

I was flicking through twitter yesterday and found a link to the following article Apparently, Virgin are launching divorce holidays from the UK to Las Vegas. They are intended…

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Working Flexibility - article by Natasha Jones for Smart Divorce
Working Flexibility 

Tamsin Caine of Smart Divorce recently spoke to hugely experienced Employment Lawyer Natasha Jones. She shares the ins and outs of your rights to working flexibility on separation. Natasha qualified…

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Pension and Divorce - Tamsin Caine's post on Smart Divorce
What about my pension?

Back in September 2018, Age UK reported that divorced women were losing out on valuable pension benefits. Seven out of ten couples do not discuss pensions before divorce, which suggests…

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Online Game as Unreasonable Behaviour
Fortnite for Divorces

I admit that when I read yesterday that the online game Fortnite was responsible for 5% of divorces, I was pretty surprised. The news has been full of the addictive…

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